220-224 Calendar coming in March 2020!

I'm so excited to share that a brand new edition of the calendar with all new art (see above!) will be coming out in late March! If you are planning to buy a copy you can email me at frenchcalendarursula at gmail.comĀ 
Fill out a pre-order form at:


In 1793 French revolutionaries rejected the Gregorian calendar and introduced a new calendar in which weeks had 10 days, months were named for the weather and every day of the year was designated in honor of a plant, tool or animal!

Printed on high quality, gloss finish paper with a matte laminate cover, the 10X7 inch calendar is large enough to see each individual item and appreciate the allegorical paintings originally designed for the calendar in 1793. Wire-o binding with a hanging loop makes it easy to display and beautiful to look at. The price reflects the cost of high quality, image-heavy, full color printing.

The cover image shows the entire year, in order from start to finish and an essay page provides a more in-depth explanation about the origins and functions of the calendar.

The calendar includes date conversions on the Gregorian Calendar through 2020. Tell your friends they were born on Carrot Day (or Goat, Basil, Limestone, Cat or Onion Day). Look ahead to see when you expect to see lilacs blooming or find fresh rhubarb at the grocery store. Appreciate the beauty of a calendar that structures time around the natural world. This is a wonderful gift for foodies, history nerds or francophiles with a sense of humor.
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