The new calendar is here!

The French Republican Wall Calendar is back!

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The newest volume covers runs until 2024 (French era years 229-232) and features all new illustrations and design. Beautiful icons for every day of the year in the weirdest calendar ever created. Never miss Carp Day again! Forgot Tuberose Day last year? Not this year! Plan ahead for Foggy/Apple/231! 

This edition is 12X8 and laser printed on beautiful heavy stock paper. The ring binding features a notch for hanging so there are no holes drilled in the paper. 

Why is the price higher this time?
The calendar is expensive to produce and lasts four years. Our amazingly talented artist did over 400 original illustrations and deserves to be paid. The production quality is high. And it's the only thing like it in the world. The good news is that if you buy more than one you get a discount! 

What is the French Republican Wall Calendar?
In brief, it's a very odd calendar that was established during the French Revolution to replace the "normal" calendar that we still use today. All dates were renamed as fruits and vegetables and the months were named for atmospheric conditions. It was a social experiment that ultimately failed, but a beautiful one and one that can still be enjoyed. I'm often told that having one on your wall is an excellent conversation starter.

Wait, so this is the ONLY such calendar?
Yep! The calendar was never meant to be produced visually but we did it anyway. 

Where can I learn more?<br />

The art is beautiful, where can I see more of the artists work?
Great question!